At the Stenquist Neurocognitive Laboratories we utilize a broad-based flexible battery in the tradition of the UCLA School of Medicine, where Dr. Stenquist is clinical faculty member. Such a battery provides measures in all of the essential domains of cognition: Intelligence, Attention, Processing, Language, Spatial Skill, Memory, Executive Function, Motor Function and Affect. All tests are standardized, widely recognized instruments and are interpreted with scientifically derived normative data. Below is a list of specific, frequently utilized tests. Ancillary tests may sometimes be added, and not all the tests listed may be included due to test conditions, the patient’s stamina and other factors.

  • Comprehensive Neurocognitive Symptom and History Interview

  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale IV (Selected Subtests)

  • Wechsler Memory Scale- IV (Selected Subtests)

  • Trailmaking Test, (Parts A and B)

  • Symbol Digit Modalities Test

  • Boston Naming Test

  • Verbal Fluency: FAS

  • Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure: with Delay

  • Rey Auditory Verbal Learning: with Delay and Recognition

  • Wide Range Achievement Test 3 (Selected Subtests)

  • Stroop Color Interference Test, Parts A, B, and C

  • Grooved Pegboard

  • Hand Dynamometer

  • Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2